NINCLP  “Engineering Idea”


NINCLP “Engineering Idea” is a non-governmental organization. It was established in July, 1997 and was registered by the Mtatsminda-Krtsanisi District Court in August, 1999 (Resolution #06/9-42).


The association joins architects, engineers, restorators, builders, researchers, ICT specialists engaged in architectural and construction fields.


The main activity of the association is preservation and development of existing intellectual and professional level of specialists working in engineering and construction areas. It also implies involvement of specialists in socio-economical life of Georgia.

the goal of the NINCLP “Engineering Idea” is to rise the knowledge and professional opportunity in  engineering and construction field toward the sustainable urban environment. Involvement of the specialists  into the Socio-Economical engagements of the country, development of professional relationships on national and international level; knowledge  sharing and implementation of innovations.

The areas of activity


·         preservation and development of existing intellectual and professional level of specialists working in architectural, engineering and construction field: Programs of learning, teaching, research and trainings.


·         Development of projects of reconstruction-preservation of the old cities and architectural and historical monuments: research, management, design, construction


·         Scanning and Fixing. Modern Technologies  in the field of Reconstruction, Restoration, Preservation, design, monitoring, expertise,  evaluation, wall painting, landscape, interior design, modeling and etc.

·         Civil  Architecture – Public, Living, Office, Administrative and tourism service buildings.

·         Hospitals and schools

·         Urban Seismic Risc Research

·         BIM Technologies

·         ICT Technologies in Architectural-enginnerering and  construction  Education, management, research and practical experience, monitoring, expert evaluations, social media and modelling.

·         Issues of Sustainability – energy efficiency, renewable energy, health environment, climatic changes, urban seismic risk study

·         Landscape architecture

·         Interior Design

·         Cultural Tourism


The works of the NINCLP “Engineering Idea” were underlined and granted in different exhibitions, workshops and conferences.

Our Specialists with the support of AIA has developed the special tutorials for engineering and construction companies, implement  the special  courses in  CAD learning System  as well as the  training programs for new technologies  implementation and development. For this case we collaborate with different organizations and Universities(Georgian Technical University, Tbilisi State Academy of fine arts, Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University, National Agency of Cultural Heritage protection,  Rustaveli Fund, Lupos 3D , TU Delft,  etc.)

In collaboration With the Council of Europe, French Embassy, Georgian Ministry of Education, Culture, department of Tourism and resorts development, National Museum and etc. has developed and implemented the CoE project In Georgia “Dumas Cultural Route in Caucasus”, Has organized different international trainings, workshops and Summer Schools in The field of Architecture, Urban Planning, Reconstruction New Technologies..

The Different fields of Activity are managed by the following  departments:

·                    Architecture (Malkhaz Lekveishvili)

·                    Engineering-Construction (David Meskhi)

·                    Monuments Rehabilitation (Nino Grikurova)

·                    3D Laser Scanning and Topography (George Mikadze)

·                    Education, science and Cultural Tourism (Nino Chachava)

·                    International Relations (Gudrun Nahrendorf)

·                    Landscape Design (Tamar Khoshtaria)

·                    Interier Design (Natia Lekveishvili)

·                    Energy efficiency (Tamar Khoshtaria)