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NNLE Engineering Idea


NNLE Engineering Idea is a Non-entrepreneurial Non-commercial Legal Entity. It was established in July, 1997 and registered by the Mtatsminda-Krtsanisi District Court in August, 1999 (Resolution #06/9-42).


The main mission of the NNLE Engineering Idea is  to collect knowledge   in the field of Historical Monuments Preservation and Documentation, to Implement New Technologies in Cultural Heritage Rehabilitation, to Enhance Intellectual and Professional level of Specialists,  to Refine and  Develop methods of 3D Laser Scanning and photogrammetry.

Engineering Idea is developing its activities in tourism and creative business areas;  is involved into the educational processes and programs development; It collaborates with leading Georgian and international engineering and architectural schools; National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement; organizes seminars,  conferences, international summer schools; takes part in National and international scientific calls and grants; participates in conferences; trainings; has professional publications in rated Journals.

All activities are realized through the  Departments of

  • Architecture (Malkhaz Lekveishvili)

  • Engineering-Construction (David Meskhi)

  • Monuments Rehabilitation (Nino Grikurova)

  • 3D Laser Scanning and Topography (George Mikadze)

  • Education, science and Cultural Tourism (Nino Chachava)

  • International Relations (Gudrun Nahrendorf)

  • Landscape Design (Tamar Khoshtaria)

  • Interior Design (Natia Lekveishvili)

  • Energy efficiency (Tamar Khoshtaria)

Gender Equality Plan (GEP) of NINCLP  “Engineering Idea”  



To ensure an equal, non-discriminatory and

family-friendly environment and academic and professional relationships




Preamble: 2

Legislative framework for the implementation of the principle of Gender Equality at Engineering Idea   2

Gender Equality Plan of NINCLP „Engineering Idea”: Goal and Approach.. 3

Objectives and measures set within the framework of the implementation of the Gender Equality Plan at NINCLP “Engineering Idea”: 4

1. Establishment of a Gender Equality Commission at NINCLP “Engineering Idea”. 4

2. Introduction of a women-supporting approach at NINCLP “Engineering Idea”. 4

3. Introduction of the principle of gender equality in quality assurance and evaluation mechanisms  5

4. Integration of the Gender Aspect into Research and Teaching.. 6





NINCLP „Engineering Idea” considers the principle of equality as one of the main characteristics / indicators of the quality of practicing, teaching and science. Ensuring equal opportunities, eliminating discrimination and fostering a culture of respect for diversity provides an essential basis for the implementation of these principles in research, teaching and management.


NINCLP „Engineering Idea” is an open, inclusive and intercultural organization focused on gender equality and family values, which considers the diversity of its members as a productive resource and opposes all forms of discrimination based on personal or social characteristics. Engineering Idea is focused on creating supportive and motivating working environments for its workers and staff. Thus, it resists all forms of discrimination that may arise on the grounds of ethnicity, sex, religion or worldview, age, special needs or gender identity.


NINCLP „Engineering Idea” expresses its commitment to the observance and implementation of the principle of gender equality and adherence to the relevant values in its mission and vision, as well as in the Organization Code of Ethics, and also confirms and extends through this document.


This plan reflects the approach defined by NINCLP „Engineering Idea” regarding the introduction of the principle of gender equality at all levels of both practicising and administrative, scientific activities. Academic culture, the tasks and measures are to be implemented in this direction.

Legislative Framework for the Implementation of the Principle of Gender Equality at NINCLP „Engineering Idea”.


NINCLP „Engineering Idea” defines and implements the principle of gender equality in accordance with the constitution of Georgia and the legislation of Georgia, which implies "ensuring equal rights and opportunities for women and men". [1]  including discrimination on any ground such as ethnic, social or religious affiliation, and/or opinion, sex and other grounds" [2]; 2. "Equal treatment irrespective of the ethnic origin, sex, social origin, and the political or religious affiliation of a person"; [3] and also 3. the obligation under the Law of Georgia “On Combating Crimes against Sexual Freedom and Inviolability” according to which, “A person convicted of a crime against sexual freedom and inviolability under the […] [mentioned] law or/and a person who has been deprived of the right to work in an organization by a court under the same law may not be employed in organization ”. [4]

Organization is also committed to the Law of Georgia on Gender Equality, which provides for "that equal conditions are created for men and women to acquire general, professional, activitie in all kinds of establishments, and to participate in professional, educational and scientific processes". [5]

Gender Equality Plan of Engineering Idea: Goal and Approach


The present plan serves to ensure the in-depth and systematic implementation of the principle of gender equality and relevant values (i.e. payment), both at the organizational and cultural levels of Organization, in administration, practicing, professional activities, research and management.

The structure and approach of the Gender Equality Plan takes into account the basic principles and recommendations of the European Commission Gender Equality Strategy (Gender Equality Strategy for 2020-2025) and the European Research Area (European Research Area) on the specifics of ensuring gender equality in the administrative sphere as well as in the fields of experience, research, teaching and innovation. Among them, the following aspects are considered:


  • Work-life balance and organisational culture

  • Gender balance in leadership and decision making

  • Gender equality in recruitment and career progression

  • Integrating the gender dimension into the professional practicing, administration,  research and teaching content

  • Measures against gender-based discrimination/violence, including sexual harassment


Objectives and Measures Set Within the Framework of the Implementation of the Gender Equality Plan at NINCLP “Engineering Idea”:


1. Establishment of a Gender Equality Commission at the Engineering Idea


Engineering Idea efforts are focused on the protection and implementation of the principles of gender equality and relevant measures in the fields of both, management and professional (practice and research) activities.

One of the organizational top priorities in the Gender Equality Plan is its integration into the concept of organizational development and organization culture.

In the administrative field, the principle of gender equality is integrated into the management and quality assurance tools and [evaluation] mechanisms; It is also declared as one of the important prerequisites for the strategic development of the organization and a priority related to its social responsibility. The principle of gender equality is also enshrined in Engineering Idea Code of Ethics, which guarantees compliance with this principle in the field of relations and academic cooperation between students, academic, administrative and support staff. 

In order to implement and promote the principles of gender equality at the organizational level, the Engineering Idea has established a Gender Equality Commission, which will carry foreward the development of the concept for gender equality support as well as of developing, coordinating and monitoring policies for their implementation and development processes in the Organization. The main tasks of the mentioned commission during the next 5 years are the following:

  1. To support decentralized structures and initiatives to promote gender equality in the areas of architectural-engineering practice, research and management;

  2. To intensify the implementation of the Concept of Gender Equality and the introduction of an effective monitoring system;

  3. To introduce an effective mechanism of measures to combat cases of gender discrimination and their preventive measures;

  4. Ensuring maximum involvement of departments into the development of the Concept of Gender Equality, as well as in the development of monitoring mechanisms, both at the administrative and professional practice levels.

  5. To ensure equal pay to all employed according to their competences and skills.


2. Introduction of a Women-Supporting Approach at the “Engineering Idea”.  


In order to promote the involvement of women in the administrative and academic activities of the organization, Engineering Idea plans to introduce  women-oriented approach, within a plan which will be developed to promote the involvement of women in the management, practicing,  teaching and research processes of organization. In order to develop a plan over the next 5 years the Organization plans to carry out the following activities:


  1. Study of opinions and assessments among workers, staff regarding the state of gender equality at “Engineering Idea”, with special emphasis on the involvement of women in architectural-enginering, research and administrative activities, in order to identify the existing problems in this direction and to develop ways of solving these problems in the approach of supporting women.

  2. Taking measures to promote equal access to career development for women through information campaigns and special trainings.

  3. In the context of pandemic-induced constraints, the study of specific factors that have an impedimental effect on women's involvement in the architectural-engineering, organizational, administrative and research fields and adversely affect women's work-life balance. These include identifying the special needs of women associated with the transition of organization to online mode, the closure of kindergartens and the need to find and mobilize additional financial, labor and moral resources caused by this problem; identification of these factors and development of the ways to address them in the Women Support Plan.


These measures, in turn, will help the Gender Equality Commission to obtain relevant information about the state of gender equality across the organization, the problems, and the views and approaches to solving these problems. This information will serve as an important basis for the development and implementation of effective policies to promote the involvement of women as well as the introduction and development of the principle of gender equality.


3. Introduction of the Principle of Gender Equality in Quality Assurance and Evaluation Mechanisms


Parallel with the implementation of measures to promote gender equality in organizational management, “Engineering Idea” also plans to integrate the principle of gender equality and related values into the mechanisms of architectural-engineering professional activities, practicising, research, quality assurance and evaluation of management structurs. In particular, this principle will be introduced as an important quality indicator/evaluation criteria in reports, concepts and plans for organizational and staff (both scientific and architectural engineering practice) development, to be submitted to the organization, where the aspect of equal treatment and gender equality will be integrated into the context of individual evaluations (e.g. in training and research reports, in professional and administrative staff assessment tools, in the concepts of  internationalization, in the concept of development focused on the next generation of researchers, etc.).

This event, in turn, will contribute to the introduction and implementation of the concept of gender equality throughout the Organization.


4. Integration of the Gender Aspect into Research and architectural-engineering work


In the field of the activities, in order to promote the idea of Gender Equality, “Engineering Idea” has implemented a number of events, including the cycle of international scientific conferences "World and Gender",


In order to promote gender equality in research and architectural works, “Engineering Idea” also plans to support the development and implementation of gender equality-oriented activities in research projects and other pilot programmes, including activities with a direct purpose of:

  1. Raising awareness and respect for the topic of gender diversity;

  2. Development and implementation of a concept of career development adapted and compatible with the family;

  3. Introduction of effective cooperation and communication mechanism between administrative and professional (architectural-engineering) staff on gender equality issues and key problems;

  4. Development and implementation of optimal mechanisms for the timely identification of gender discrimination and the implementation of appropriate restrictive measures.


These measures, in turn, will contribute to improvement the effectiveness of the work from the Gender Equality Commission and the continuous development of the concept of gender equality and policy, ensuring the high involvement of organizational staff and workers there into the process of integration of the latest research results.



[1] Constitution of Georgia, Chapter II, Article 11, Paragraph 1  

[2] Law of Georgia on Higher Education, Chapter I, Article 3, Paragraph 3, Subparagraph (j)

[3] Law of Georgia on Higher Education, Chapter VI, Article 16, Paragraph 1, Subparagraph (d)

[4] Law of Georgia on Higher Education, Chapter V, Article 32, Paragraph 2

[5] Law of Georgia on Gender Equality, Chapter II, Article 7

Director of the NINCLP "Engineering Idea"   MALKHAZ LEKVEISHVILI  


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